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Learning Council

The Learning Council, is made up of various children from across the year groups and their aim is to represent the academy community in the development of teaching and learning.

Council members are selected by their  peers in a democratic vote at the start of the academic year.

The role of the learning council

To advise the Principal, Senior Leadership Team, teachers and staff on:

  • Improvements to the learning conditions for all children at Gooseacre
  • To ensure that learning is fun, interactive and interesting
  • To ensure that  teaching is pupil-centered, ensuring improved education for all
  • To strengthen links within the community

As members of the learning council they will:

  • Visit other classes to see how things are done differently
  • Observe lessons and comment on them from the children’s point of view
  • Carry out surveys of pupils views about learning in school
  • Review on a regular basis the school’s curriculum
  • Comment on resources available for curriculum development
  • Make recommendations to the academy staff in relation to a wide range of topics
  • To be involved in a range of community events


The learning council conducted a whole school pupil survey. The results of the survey can be found below:

Pupil Voice Analysis Nov 2017