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Class Arrangement

Normally, children will be placed in classes according to their chronological age.

However, situations may develop when it would be impossible or even undesirable for a child to be placed in a certain class. Consequently the placement of any child in a particular class is at the discretion of the Principal.

Class Names

Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery – Ducklings) (Mrs K Abbott) am and pm sessions

FS2 (Mrs D Olsen) –  Giraffes

FS2  (Mrs K McManus) –  Hedgehogs

Year 1 – (Mrs J Town) – Rabbits

Yr1/2 – (Mrs R Hepworth) – Owls

Yr 2 – (Miss N Vint) – Penguins

Yr 3/4 (Miss L Wilkinson) – Pandas

Yr 3/4 (Miss J McIntyre) – Tigers

Yr 3/4 (Mrs E Deput) – Elephants

Yr 5 – (Mr Hallam) – Jaguars

Yr6 – (Mr R Thorp) – Leopards